Canvas Photo Prints

Photos on Canvas

Prices and sizes of canvas prints from digital photos.
Prices for photos printed on ready to hang canvas
Each canvas is supplied finished and ready to hang, complete with wall hanging hooks.

Prices exclude VAT and photo enhancement of any file manipulation, if required.
Canvas photo prints
The frames are made from top quality wood, 34mm deep for dramatic effect. Remember that all Colour Inc canvasses come 'gallery wrapped'. This means photos bend round the sides of the canvas.

If you're sending us one of your photos to put on canvas it will appear slightly smaller to accommodate the edging, so don't crop them too small as you'll be losing a 5cm border all the way round. Have a look at the pictures below so you can see what we mean.

We can make frames to your specific requirements. There is an additional £15 charge for bespoke frames.

Delivery: UK mainland £15.

Orders are normally handled in 10 working days.
Place Your Canvas Photo Print Order
Or to place or discuss your order you can call Colour Inc on 01256 843151. Remember to email your photograph to

Photo printed on canvas
Take digital picture for printing on canvas
Canvas border of photo printed on canvas
Gallery wrapped canvas frame

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